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Why is Cleo Rated a Leading EDI Provider?

Not only is Cleo Integration Cloud the most complete & scalable EDI software... but Cleo is the only EDI company to offer a variety of deployment options – self-service, managed service, or a blend of both. 

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about any job failure that occurs

Receive Notifications

Track and search issues

Uncover actionable business insights

by seeing where and when issues occur, pinpointing the exact source of the problem so you can immediately assess the impact on revenue and inventory
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by specific partner or issue ID

Track issues with real-time alerts

so you always know the status and progress of issues you care about, and collaborate directly to escalate or resolve support cases faster

Increase agility and control

with the ability to resend or reprocess messages yourself, the moment you need to

Improve Visibility

by sharing tickets with any team member pr ecosystem partners
See why Cleo Integration Cloud has been rated a Leading Integration Platform for over 4 consecutive years on G2.
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How to Reveal and Address Failed Transactions with Cleo Integration Cloud
Uncover errors before they become problems, ensuring you eliminate the risk of chargebacks or fines from missed transactions.