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Why is Cleo Rated a Leading EDI Provider?

Not only is Cleo Integration Cloud the most complete & scalable EDI software... but Cleo is the only EDI company to offer a variety of deployment options – self-service, managed service, or a blend of both. 

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gather the requirements for EDI documents

Receive trading partner EDI spec:

Step 1

Step 2

Generate purchase order EDI schema

based on partner & back-office application

Step 3

Build a ruleset to transform data

between EDI and the target application syntax

Step 4

Configure adapters:

read data into the process / write data out of the process

Step 5

Design business processes

using prebuilt templates

Step 6

Once you have these built for all the required documents, using the CIC Project Generator to onboard the rest of your partners with the same requirements.

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